Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer FAQ's

  • How do I setup my account?

    Getting started is easy Visit this page:
    You can sign up by filling in the fields, or by selecting one of your social media accounts to complete the sign-up process (your other profiles can be connected later in the process). You’ll then be given the chance to select the types of opportunities you’re interested in, such as what types of content you’re interested in creating, and which social media platforms you are able to post to. You can also choose the categories that you’re comfortable in creating content for, such as Dining and Nightlife, Food and Groceries, Beauty and Personal Care, etc.  
    On the following page, enter the domain name for your blog or website, and your Twitter username to calculate your Domain Authority and Klout score. On the final page of the setup, you can attach a photo of yourself, fill in your bio, and enter demographic information such as your age, gender and location.  Be sure to fill this out as thoroughly as possible, as marketers use this information to find the influencers who can reach their targeted audiences the most effectively.
  • What is the suggested rate to charge for advertising a marketers content?

    The GrowInfluence suggested rates are determined by:
    1 Type of content you are interested in offering
    2 The industry you an influencer in
    3 Your current Klout and Domain Authority Score

    After looking at these different factors, an influencer can determine a price for marketing a marketers content. 
  • How do I get more campaigns?

    o   The more complete your profile is, the greater the chance that Marketers will choose you
    o   Complete your portfolio
    o   Actively bid on Sponsored Campaigns
    o   Subscribe to our email alerts informing you of work
  • Why is a complete profile important?

    Marketers are interested in finding influencers who have proven authority with their target markets. By filling out your profile completely, Marketers can see who they’re able to reach by working with you, using filters such as:
    Social Media channel
    DA (domain authority) score  
  • What is my portfolio?

    Your portfolio is your chance to shine. Use it to highlight your accomplishments, your blog posts, videos, presentations, etc. If one of your Tweets has been widely retweeted, or if you wrote a blog post that generated a lot of discussion, this is the perfect place to showcase just how broad your reach is. Marketers are eager to partner with influencers who can reach the masses with their content; your portfolio is the perfect way to show what you can do.
  • What is a Klout Score?

    The Klout Score is a number that measures your influence on a scale of 1-100. The higher your score, the more influential you are in the social media space.  The score is based on many factors or signals, such as how often your status updates are liked, shared ,or retweeted, the number of unique individuals who interact with your posts, and even how selective those people are about interacting with posts in general. Your Klout score reflects your influence over the last 90 days.
  • What is a DA or Domain Authority Score?

    Domain Authority is a score that measure’s a website’s influence on a scale of 1-100. A higher score indicates a stronger site with greater authority. The score is based on many factors, including the age of the site, its size, and its popularity (based on the number of links pointing to the site). Sites with high Domain Authority tend to reach larger audiences and fare better in search engine results, making them a valuable resource for marketers. 
  • What is sponsored content?

    Sponsored content is a specialized form of marketing in which marketers pay influencers to post content associated with their brands. It is important to note that sponsored content is not created by the brands themselves, but by the influencers who choose to work with them. Sponsored content should be created to benefit the reader.  

    It is important that any sponsored content is described as such.  The FTC has set forth guidelines dictating how influencers should denote that particular content is sponsored, via disclosures tailored to the platform you’re working in.  Blogs may have disclosure notices on the footers of their site, while Facebook posts may include text that thanks the brand for their sponsorship (while asserting that the sponsorship has not influenced the opinions expressed). 

    For more information on disclosure, Social media explore has an in-depth article.
  • What makes a great post?

    If you’re an influencer, chances are you already have the answer at your fingertips.  Which posts and updates have enjoyed the most likes, shares and retweets? What does your particular audience seem to respond to most? While there are no hard and fast rules for great content, some common traits include content that is well-written, engaging, and that invites interaction. 
  • How do I get paid?

    GrowInfluence allows you to receive payment in a number of ways:
    •       Paypal
    •       Wire Transfer
    •       Credit Card
    •       BitCoin
  • How can I see my earnings over time

    The GrowInfluence platform tracks all payments received through the platform. You may view this under your portfolio.
  • How do I settle a dispute between myself and a Marketer?

    While the Grow Influence platform is designed to minimize the chance of disputes, on rare occasions Dispute Resolution may be needed.  We’ve create a thorough Dispute Resolution process designed to protect both Marketers and Influencers in the event of a dispute. We encourage all users to work together to resolve  disputes between themselves, but if a dispute arises that needs assistance we’ll be happy to help.

    Starting a Dispute Resolution Case
    1.     Attempt to resolve the dispute: We encourage clear communication between parties in order to minimize any confusion. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a project, it is often useful to communicate your concerns clearly with the other member. Include any supporting information such as emails and messages that might clarify any confusion.  Make note of the disagreement as well as any steps that have been taken to resolve the issue independently.

    2.     If the dispute cannot be resolved between members, please fill out our dispute resolution form.  Clearly state the source of the dispute, as well as any steps that have been taken to resolve it. When one member submits a Dispute Resolution case, the other member will be automatically notified and will be given the opportunity to present their side of the issue.

    3.     Grow Influence will review all information presented and take the appropriate actions to resolve it. This may involve a clarification of relevant policies, a phone call between parties with a Grow Influence specialist acting as mediator, or a recommendation for outside arbitration.

    4.     If arbitration is required, the case will be referred to an independent third party who will review all information presented, at a cost to be shared by both members in the dispute.  This option is typically far less expensive and time-consuming than bringing the matter as a court case, however the final judgment is binding and enforceable by law.  Grow Influence will abide by the outcome of any arbitration review.


  • What is GrowInfluence?

    GrowInfluence is a platform where marketers and influencers can come together to build and manage marketing campaigns. Marketers can promote their brand through organic, quality content created by social media influencers. Social media mavens can monetize their efforts in the social media space by partnering with marketers who understand the value of word-of-mouth marketing.  
  • How can I Reach Customer Support?

    Monday through Friday – 9 am to 5 p.m. Pacific time. Call (877) 866-6699 or email
  • How much does it cost to use GrowInfluence?

    GrowInfluence is a marketplace and as such Marketers can suggest a price range for content development and content placement campaigns. Once an influencer is chosen, the bid price and expected completion date become binding. No fees are paid to GrowInfluence by Marketers. Influencers who are awarded work on GrowInfluence pay a 15% management fee to GrowInfluence to use the marketplace. The fee is paid at the end of the campaign. Influencer – Offering Content